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TSP on the move

I suppose we are always on the move ... to a country house, a wedding venue, an office building! But over the last two weeks, our whole business has been on the move as we have upgraded units.

To a chef, more gadgets, more preparation areas and a bigger storage space is an absolute dream and we have worked tirelessly to deep clean and load in to our shiny new premises.

We don't just provide private chef hire you know. With table centres, crockery and cutlery, etc we can provide a whole event management service to look after your event from the food to the flowers (this is one of the reasons we needed more space!)

The move has kicked 2020 off with a bang, and we are even more proud that TSP has achieved this totally organically. Over the last 5 years we've worked hard, and having outgrown our home kitchen and a smaller unit, we can now breath out a bit and really get cooking!

We try our best to provide delicious menus and fantastic service to each and every client, from the moment they enquire. Their feedback and recommendations has meant that we have grown the business mostly by word-of-mouth, so thank you (and keep it coming!)

With a lovely team of people, from freelance chefs, to waiting staff and family - read cleaners - we love our small but very capable army and are looking forward to a busy year ahead.

Two Simmering Pans HQ is now even closer to the M4 (near Newport) and we will still be providing our private chef and catering services across South Wales, the Cotswolds and the South West. From business lunches, to gala dinners, garden parties and weddings, we get excited ahead of planning every event. So click the contact button on the header bar if you want to check our availability!

Here are a few images of us in action last year ...

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