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Vegan Nutella Brownie Recipe

This recipe is not for those adverse to some chocolate in their lives (or for those with a nut allergy sadly). Two Simmering Pans were recently asked to produce something delicious with a new product on the market, from the colourful and 100% plant based Mindful Bites.

Once their dark chocolate and hazelnut spread had landed in our production kitchen the natural step was to stir it generously in to our vegan brownie recipe and watch the oven do it's magic.

Our chocolate brownie recipe and list of ingredients can be found below, so you can whip these up in your own kitchen and spread a little bit of your own nutty joy! They can be made Gluten Free as well, with the right flour and baking powder - so you don't have to compromise on your dietary requirements or your values. Perfect.


250g plain flour (or gluten free flour)

250g Demerara sugar

65g cocoa powder

1 tsp. baking powder (or G/F baking powder)

1 tsp. salt

250ml water

250ml vegetable oil (or coconut oil – melted)

1 vanilla pod

185g Mindful Bites dark chocolate & hazelnut spread

200g hazelnuts (optional)


- Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray(approx. 20x30cm)

- In a large bowl, sift & stir together all the dry ingredients (except the sugar)

- Then add the demerara sugar

- Add the water, followed by the vegetable oil and the Mindful Bites dark chocolate & hazelnut spread

- Mix well until all ingredients incorporated and add the nuts if you wish

- Spread the mix evenly in to the lined baking tray – mix will be shiny & oily

- Bake for 30-35 mins at 180 degrees

- Let it cool for at least one hour before cutting

If you have managed to let it cool before tasting it, make your favourite cup of tea and enjoy. Whether you invite your friends around to join you and share it, is totally up to you - it serves about 12.

We really enjoyed working with this particular Mindful Bites product and have another recipe coming to you soon, they also do a range of nut butters, all from sustainable sources and without palm oil! These are perfect for spreading over your morning pancakes.

If you are organising a private dinner event and have a range of allergies to cater for, this could work perfectly as your dessert, with our tonka bean ice-cream. Our CONTACT FORM takes less than a minute to fill in, for you to request a call back, and then we can start to plan your event! Speak soon ...

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